Good bye, good friend

Time is an odd thing. Most of the time, you don’t have too much of it in our fast-paced society. Unfortunately, I – Sir Polariot – don’t have any time left to take care of Face The Jugend and even my camera has been spending more time in the closet than capturing special moments. It did, however, capture a last special moment on 27thMay 2017: To celebrate Herbert’s 30th“service anniversary” at Schlemmereck, Jugendliche, friends and companions from all over Germany came to St. Pauli.

I had written these lines in the beginning of September 2017 already, right after the news of Herbert’s passing. Probably that was my attempt to cope with the unbelievable. I hadn’t managed to finish the post because I simply couldn’t find the right words. That is why the pictures have never been published. But today, since the latest news have brought me back to the Turbojugend and Face The Jugend, I am finishing these lines in order to remind everyone of a special evening  and an extraordinary man who will never ever be forgotten.

Turbojugend St. Pauli had chosen this particular day for the inclusion of Herbert into their chapter as a new member, its first and only platinum member. A step long overdue that was commented by him in his typical and unique way with the following words: “It’s been time! Finally, I am not the fifth wheel anymore” and that from now on, he’d love to join us “out of town”.

During the shoot of the subsequent group photo, something typical took effect that happened every time Herbert met a camera: everyone wanted to take a picture with him. It had happened already during the first photo shoot for Face The Jugend and it was crystal clear pretty quickly who was the star in the room.

After the “private” shoot, the actual present was handed over to Herbert. TURBOJUGEND HAMBURGER BERG, with the love and help from chapters all over the world, had created a book for Herbert full of memories from many many years spent together. A book that embodies what we all know: Herbert was the kind soul that was watching over all the Jugendliche. For a long time, he did it from behind his bar, and now he is watching from another place. Farewell, my friend! We will never forget you. Ahoi!

P.S. The beautiful Jacques Norris of TJ Rock’n’Roll Highschool also took some pictures that I don’t want to hide from you.