Sir Polariot Kopie

Creator & Photographer

SIR POLARIOT | TJ ST. PAULI is the creative mind behind FACE THE JUGEND. He works as a photographer and artist in Hamburg and all over the world. He loves silence and the rough North Sea in the winter months. He hates beer, because he is still a straight-edge kid. Maybe not the best option if you happen to be in the TURBOJUGEND. To find out more about him, just have a look at his main page

Lord Lunde Kopie


LORD LUNDE | TJ IYLA found out after his studies of mechanical engineering, that there exists smaller machines and bought his first digital camera. Since then, he took thousands of pictures at a lot of different areas in the world. From the moment he joined TJ IYLA, he also started to take pictures on mostly every TJ party nearby. He loves travelling around for visiting a lot of places and meet interesting people. That’s why he’s so proud to be a member of FTJ: all his interests are combined in one institution.

Consultant & Translator

BALTHASAR KATHARSIS | TJ ST. PAULI is a veteran of the Turbojugend who has been a Deathpunk  tourist on three different continents. He is vice president of TJ St. Pauli, a key member of Jugendwart, involved in the AmbASSador project, and organizer of countless Turbojugend events. Outside of the Turboverse, he is involved in international research projects to explore the strong force. He supports FACE THE JUGEND as he is interested in showing the cultural diversity of the Turbojugend to the world. He admires SIR POLARIOT’s photography which he considered as genuine, profound, and real.

Cat Asstrophe Kopie


CAT ASSTROPHE | TJ NUDE HILL studies medicine in Frankfurt and is super interested in the feeld of urology. Despite from medicine she likes to remodel old furniture and is a passionate food magazine buyer. She had the chance to meet SIR POLARIOT during her study visit in Hamburg. He took her in, showed her around and made her feel like she was among old friends. She joined the FACE THE JUGEND force to spread this feeling of welcome and love.

Ananas Astra Kopie


ANANAS ASTRA | TJ MAIN OFFENDER. Multilingual TJ-talent who has been trained in translation ever since she had to translate stuff for her Russian grandparents. Likes Astra, fairytales and Lauchs. Studies English/French to become a teacher to spread the wisdom among the generations to come. She participates in FACE THE JUGEND because she likes the idea of it in general and since languages are her biggest strenghth and she wants to help the project to continue she has offered her translation skills to SIR POLARIOT.

Invasionsleiter Finland

JÜRGEN DE RAVENOUS | TJ KYRKSLÄTT is the President of TJ Kyrkslätt, proud member of TJ St. Pauli and the second period European AmbASSador. He has organized a lot of events and festivities for Turbojugend Finland and thus has become a well-known character in the worldwide TURBOJUGEND. He is a sort of godfather of TJ Finland. In addition to that, he likes to rock out with his two bands FINAL ASSAULT and TRASHCAN DANCE. He was very pleased and happy to get SIR POLARIOT’s FACE THE JUGEND project to Finland. He thinks that the FTJ-weekend was one the greatest Jugend events ever and he totally supports FACE THE JUGEND with his spirit of Jugend love.

FTJ Pässe Kopie

FTJ Pioniere

Next to our solid and constant team there is another group called the FTJ PIONIERE who always help in organizing and realizing the respective photo shoots and actively work on-site. This is why they deserve a special thanks on this page.