Happy Tom, founding member of TURBONEGRO and their (drummer and) bass player, had the idea of a TURBOJUGEND. In the mid-nineties, TURBONEGRO granted TURBOJUGEND diplomas to their most fanatic fans. A few years later, rock’n’roll enthusiasts from Hamburg, Germany founded TURBOJUGEND ST. PAULI, the first chapter of the TURBOJUGEND as we know it today. Since this time, St. Pauli has been the epicenter of the TURBOJUGEND. In the last two decades, the TURBOJUGEND has grown into a global rock’n’roll community with over 3500 chapters all over the world. From Tromso to Melbourne and from San Francisco to Tokyo, there is hardly any place where the TURBOJUGEND is not represented.

Turbojugend by Paul Müler-Rode
© Paul Müller-Rode

In 2012, PAUL MÜLLER-RODE, a photographer from Hamburg, took pictures at WETTURBOJUGENDTAGE VIII, the annual meeting of the worldwide TURBOJUGEND. He created a colorful documentation of the TURBOJUGEND that has been presented on various occasions.

Turbojugend by Paul Müller-Rode
© Paul Müller Rode

At WELTTURBOJUGENDTAGE IX, the artist MIROSLAV MENSCHENKIND continued this documentation and included the TURBOJUGEND in his “SOFA STORIES” project. In his role of SIR POLARIOT, the Minister of Propaganda for TURBOJUGEND ST. PAULI, he shot pictures of the TURBOJUGEND on his sofa. It goes without saying that the TURBOJUGEND loved to pose on SIR POLARIOT’S sofa.

sofa stories by Miroslav Menschenkind at Weltturbojugendtage 9
© Miroslav Menschenkind

Shortly after, SIR POLARIOT had the idea for his “FACE THE JUGEND” project. In the last years, he has refined his idea and is now ready to start his photography world invasion. His mission is straightforward and well defined: he wants to capture the worldwide Turbojugend in photos.

sofa stories by Miroslav Menschenkind at Weltturbojugendtage 9
© Miroslav Menschenkind


In order to accomplish his mission, SIR POLARIOT will travel the world and take pictures of the diverse members of the TURBOJUGEND. In May 2015 he started his photographic journey in the epicenter of the TURBOJUGEND, Hamburg. FAMILY FIRST shows the first pictures, which where taken at the SCHLEMMERECK. The first tour brought him through Germany. BOCHUM, GEMMERICH, FRANKFURT and MUNICH were his destinations. Afterwards he did the first international trip to FINLAND, before the WELTTURBOJUGENDTAGE XI took place in Hamburg.

At all these spots he got help from a lot of friendly Jugendliche. Without this nothing would have worked out as well as it did. To keep this project running, he still needs your support: SIR POLARIOT can realize his “FACE THE JUGEND” project only with the help of the global TURBOJUGEND.


We will continue organize tours to TURBOJUGEND chapters. On this tours, SIR POLARIOT will visit your TURBOJUGEND and document your chapter on a location that is related to your TURBOJUGEND history. This location can be anything related to your chapter: your home, your favorite bar, a sports arena, a whore house, a church, etc. The pictures will be shown on this website.

Face The Jugend by Miroslav Menschenkind

In addition, SIR POLRIOT will take portraits of you, which you will sign with your warrior name and chapter name. The portraits will be also shown on this website in a special format.

Face The Jugend by Miroslav Menschenkind


Please CONTACT us if you or your chapter is interested in being represented on “FACE THE JUGEND”. SIR POLARIOT and you will then go with the flow. For 2016 we will be working on a tour through the USA and Scandinavia. At the moment there is also a big interest to go to Australia. But our budget is limited and we have to take it one step at a time.

If you want to help, just have a look at the SUPPORT SHOP. On tour you can also help by providing accommodation or a meal or by motivating your friends in participating in “FACE THE JUGEND”.


In addition to the picture documentation on this website, we have various ideas. Which ideas we can realize depend on our funding which we are working on right now. We are thinking about a picture book, a yearbook, a travel diary, or – our most favorite idea – a sticker album which would allow you to collect pictures of the TURBOJUGEND. Who would trade stickers of soccer players, if he could trade pictures of the TURBOJUGEND?


Of course! All pictures SIR POLARIOT took or will take during his tour can be ordered afterwards. We will use any profit from selling pictures to fund the tour and are grateful in advance for any support you might provide.

PLEASE, DON´T STEAL THE PICTURES. It takes seconds to make a digital copy and post the pictures somewhere in the social media, but have you ever thought about, how much time it took to create all of this? How much time it takes to drive around and take all the pictures? How much time it takes to work on the pictures, write the articles and post them on this website? And at the end, what do you think how expensive the technical part has been to make all of this possible? So please, respect the artist and his work.

FTJ, Hamburg AUGUST, 10th 2015

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  1. If you make it to the U.S., come to Houston, TX. Their are three active chapters (Bayou City, Chubby Dudes, and Montrose) with well over 20 members that represent. We love visitors and we will get you drunk, laughing, and laid.

  2. Turbojugend Strasbourg will be more than happy to have you around. We’re juxtaposed to German border and we would easily bring close charters from vincinities like Metz, Nancy, Basel and Alschwill. Mail be back for accomodations. Cheers !

  3. Moin. Von Hamburg ist es ja nicht weit bis Hannover. Hier sind neben der TJ Hannover und H-Town noch einige weitere Jugendliche wohnhaft, die sich mindestens einmal im Monat im “Härtekrug” in Hannovers alternativen Stadtteil Linden treffen. Wäre schön, wenn wir dich mal in Hannovers “Schlemmereck” begrüßen könnten 😉

  4. Servus aus Bayern!
    Wir haben am 6.6. unsere 10 Jahres Feier mit nem großaufgebot an Turbojugend Bands aus der Schweiz und Österreich. Wär schön dich bei uns begrüßen zu dürfen. Es sind bei uns mehrere Chapters in der Gegend (Tj Salzburg, Tj Chiemsee, Tj Alpen).
    Wir können ohne Probleme sofaasyl gewähren 😉
    Viele Grüße aus dem Süden
    Tj Bad R’hell

  5. Heyhey! Grüsse aus der Schweiz! Ihr seid natürlich willkommen bei uns. Schlaf- und Essengelegenheiten können wir sicherlich genügend anbieten, sind ja alle gut vernetzt hier miteinander (werden aus den meisten Chapters auch Leute an die WTJT kommen).

  6. Greetings from TJ Outram! It was a pleasure to meet you at WTJT XI and if you are planning to visit Australia in the near future, do make a quick stopover to Asia along the way if its feasible! Aside from my chapter that is located in Singapore, the continent is also home to the pioneering TJ Tokyo, Osaka (both in Japan) as well as Shanghai and Beijing (China). I am more than happy to arrange accomodation, a tour around my country as well as beer at the local watering hole. Hope we will cross paths again brother and you have my backing for Face The Jugend!

  7. TJ IRON CITY Pittsburgh Pa USA
    We welcome you with open arms and open ASSes, we’ll fill your hearts with love, your bellies with Pizza & your minds with debauched memories! Cheers to ya for all the hard work!

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